Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skiing through Japan

Well, it's been a while. Since getting back from Hawaii at the beginning of the year, these last 6 or 7 weeks it has been tough to readjust. I always imagined the first few weeks after arriving in Japan would be the most trying, but coming back from Hawaii with the family was a challenge. The constant cold has been rough, I'm just starting to believe in spring again. Hope springs eternal, right?

When I first came to Japan, everything was so fresh, so exciting but after a while it's easier to see the weaknesses in the culture (especially one as homogenous as Japan). And these weaknesses are especially easy to see in the morning when you can also see your breath. Funny how those things go hand in hand :)

Working with children has been a big blessing and it makes me smile through the challenges. A little while back, on a Friday after a long week at school, a shy boy came up to my window and started jump roping (apparently it's the rage in every single elementary schooler's heart during January and February only). I asked how many he could do and figured this little 2nd grader would tire pretty quickly, but after he busted out 100, 200, 300, I was the one legitimately getting tired counting, Tatsuki ended up doing 549! At an insanely quick pace too.


I think living alone in a foreign country is really interesting because it helps teach you how to live alone and be content with being by yourself. Sometimes I struggle with this, but I think I'm getting better and better with it because I have a stronger awareness of this loneliness. I've been reading the Bible a lot more and getting stronger through God when I feel weak. This isn't to say I don't constantly mess things up and get myself in the way of God's desires but by being aware of the enduring or lonely times allows you to be more honest with yourself and receive strength from a source who never gets weak.

Well, today I went skiing for the second time in Japan. It was amazing. Most of all, I'm glad I didn't slam into any little Japanese kids, it was awkward enough in America. I love the adventure, I love the beauty, I love the sport and I love the ways the outdoors can bring it all together.  Here are a couple of pictures. Thanks to Austin for getting the day trip together.

It was cold but putting up the peace sign made it warmer. 

No problem Japan.

This isn't Japan. It's Oregon last ski season. It really does bring everything together :) Too bad Jerry wasn't there today.